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Brazil market update (2013)


Brazil is currently experiencing an uplift in the healthcare and life sciences sector, specifically in technical positions or BD positions related to high end products. Areas in the market seeing the highest growth include pharma, with new products related to rare diseases being launched and medical devices, as the government invest in hospitals and investment from the private sector has increased.

The areas experiencing the lowest levels of growth are primary care because of organisations’ pipeline reduction and clinical research – the regulatory environment is getting more challenging so there is a movement to outsource to CROs.

Currently, everyone is talking about regulatory registration by the government, which is affecting the market structure because of fewer product launches and a stricter regulatory environment. This also leads to fewer positions and affects market growth.

Candidate attraction and retention

Brazil has a candidate driven market with a huge shortage of professionals. There is a lack of management skills for technical profiles and very few candidates on the market that can speak English, which is a huge challenge for recruitment in start-ups.

The top five skills/positions currently in demand are:


  • Medical managers
  • Regulatory affairs and quality
  • Product managers
  • Sales managers
  • Market access and government relations

In current market conditions, employers need to invest in people development and training. There needs to be more flexibility in regards to profiles, since many positions are managed through HQs outside of Brazil and require candidates with skills that are very hard to find in the Brazilian market. Employers should also present a credible career path for the candidates they are trying to recruit, which can reduce the cost of hiring, as candidates see a long-term professional career.

Looking ahead

We foresee a professionalization of the clinical market, which will change the way of doing business in the industry. We also believe the rules of negotiation and price policies will change. High numbers of start-ups will increase the market competition and force new distributions rules.

We don’t foresee a change in the requirements of contracts but we should see an investment in training to increase retention and management skills and improve the level of competence of professionals in the industry.

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Healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Brazil – 2013 in review