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Germany market update (2013)


Skills in demand

Flexibility, open-mindedness, the ability to work in matrix functions and specialist skills and knowledge are all highly sought after skills. To attract top talent with this skill set, we advise organisations to react faster, invest in employer branding initiatives, build up talent pools and partner with us to take advantage of our experience in the market.

Market changes

The areas with the highest growth rate within life sciences and healthcare in Germany are shared service functions in the pharmaceutical business, such as market access and regulatory affairs, due to the impact of the authorities. On the other hand, there has been a decreased focus on sales reps in the field – that has obviously slowed growth in that area.

Medical devices is a hot topic at the moment. This is because the increasing importance of cost effectiveness and budgetary pressures within hospitals. Medical liaison functions within the pharmaceutical arena are also featuring highly as they play an important role in convincing stakeholders on reimbursements and the added value of specific products.

We foresee the future of the market having a strong focus on quality rather than quantity. Establishing talent pools and maintaining candidate relationships is going to become more and more important, as will the messaging that clients go out with.

Social media use in the recruitment of all types and levels of roles is as important as ever. We can address candidates through Xing, LinkedIn and other social media networks, although it will never negate the need to meet candidates face-to-face in order to filter out those best suited for our clients.

The impact of the current economic climate

The economy affects many aspects of all industries. In the case of life sciences and healthcare recruitment in Germany, this is also the case. There have been occasions where training delivered was a much lighter version than was promised because of budgets. Bonuses are scarce, but we tell our candidates not to dwell on that or let that impact on their decision to seek out new job opportunities. The lack of defined career progression is also rising, especially in the case of physicians and within human resources.

The demand for talent and specialist knowledge is always there. But in times like this, competition to secure that talent is fierce. This really is a candidate-driven market. If candidates are skilled, have the right attitude, actively network and are flexible, it’s not uncommon for them to receive three or more offers at the same time. In this situation it’s crucial that companies speak very honestly about what they can realistically deliver in terms of benefits, rewards, etc.

If you’re looking for new opportunities or need top talent for your organisation, get in touch to find out more about our healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Germany.

Healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Germany – 2013 in review