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Global overview (2013)

Healthcare and life sciences recruitment

Around the healthcare and life sciences world there are certain trends emerging. Talent attraction
is being addressed in a number of countries, research and development is high on the agenda with medical devices being the current hot topic. There are some countries reporting growth in life sciences and healthcare where governments such as Brazil and Mexico are committed to investment, creating roles across the board.

Medical devices

One of the key topics in life sciences is the growth of more efficient, cost saving innovative medical devices. Vitro diagnostics is the main area of interest along with cardiac and neurology devices. This is a market now worth around $440 billion and growing, in particular in the Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, Germany and the US. This innovative, buoyant sector is driving recruitment for roles such as technical, CRA and medical liaison.

R&D skills in demand

Research and development, particularly in biotechnology is another area within life sciences where we have seen plenty of activity, especially in Singapore, where more international companies are relocating and taking advantage of the strategic location and talent pool. The Netherlands, which leads the way in Europe, is also strong in this area, having recently launched innovations leading to spin-off or start up companies. In this arena, technical, clinical research associates and regulatory affairs professionals are in high demand.

In some countries like Mexico and the Netherlands, law changes in recent years have stimulated the market and created competition, leading to greater demand for compliance, clinical project managers, sales and marketing people.

Talent attraction

In the candidate driven markets companies are working hard to retain and attract the top people.
In Singapore for example, average pay rises of 10-15% are anticipated while in Italy, salaries have been kept relatively low, as they seek to attract talent by leveraging the brand equity and investing in training and career development.

Social media

Developments in social media are having a considerable impact on recruitment within healthcare and life sciences globally. LinkedIn, with its professional profile is the most popular social media channel and used by recruiters, companies and professionals to promote themselves.

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Healthcare and life sciences recruitment - 2013