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Netherlands market update (2013)


Market changes

The new health insurance act which was introduced in 2006 in the Netherlands has substantially increased price competition among insurers and healthcare providers, resulting in one of the most market-oriented healthcare systems in Europe. This leads to the current trend that, compared with other European markets, higher qualified sales and marketing people with a proven track record in the Dutch market are hired in order maintain product margins and relatively few companies are increasing headcount. Most companies are looking for a maximum return on investment in the shortest possible timeframe while implementing a consultancy approach to selling and increasing quality and after service to their customers.

A large number of companies in the Netherlands are active in the biotechnology sector and the number of private investments by venture capitalists is increasing. The Dutch medical devices sector is growing mostly due to recently launched innovations giving opportunities for spin-off or start-up companies focused on international sales, finance, quality and marketing. However, many pharmaceuticals organisations have downsized or restructured their operations and spun off assets.

Skills in demand

The market is candidate-driven with the following skills most sought after:

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Operating room experience
  • Key account management
  • Combined pharmaceutical and FMCG experience for over-the-counter products

Looking ahead

We foresee the continued downsizing of pharmaceuticals companies and an increase in six month contracts being offered to candidates in this area. This may mean we experience candidate insecurity and fewer people willing to switch jobs. 

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Healthcare and life sciences recruitment in the Netherlands – 2013 in review