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Russia market update (2013)


What does it take to succeed in the market?

Leadership, a real desire for personal and career development and the determination to succeed are all essential to not only securing a role in healthcare and life sciences in Russia in the first place, but also to a thriving career. It is also important that you are willing and able to work as part of a team, sharing in each other’s successes and learning from difficulties. Above all, candidates must demonstrate confidence and self-belief.

Market changes and challenges

Current activity within medical equipment companies is relatively low in comparison with 2007-2009, with the demand from employers being lower than the number of candidates looking for roles. That said, business is growing gradually and the main focus is now on stability and quality of services.

Companies aren’t expressing any problems with retention. This is probably due to employers and employees being of the same mindset, with similar goals, aspirations and values.

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Healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Russia – 2013 in review