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Spain market update (2013)


Skills in demand

We are constantly looking for high quality candidates. This means a strong educational background, industry experience and fluency in the native language are a must. The top roles that we are recruiting and that require the most sought after skills are:

  • Medical manager
  • Medical scientific liaison
  • Product manager
  • Sales specialist
  • Market access manager

Changes in healthcare and life sciences in Spain

The Spanish and global markets are changing. If companies and candidates gain a full understanding of this, they can take steps to adapt and take advantage of the new opportunities that are arising.

In the last few years, the market has shrunk, but many sectors have maintained revenue and some have grown. Many organisations have frozen hiring but there are cases of companies who truly understand the situation have adapted their approach to suit, resulting in successful new hires. In general, all companies have improved their productivity and are in a better international situation.

RA has seen significant growth because companies need to explore more products and markets. Export has also grown as there are a high number of local companies that don’t yet operate on an international scale. Hiring pharmaceutical sales representatives and research and development roles are of the least importance to companies at the moment.

The current negative economic environment has impacted deeply on the decision-making process of many candidates. Some professionals are very prudent when moving on to new jobs, highly evaluating and analysing all the details, or the advantages and disadvantages of new projects they may be involved with. Candidates also tend to be prioritising job security when looking for and accepting new jobs.

Developments in social media are having a considerable impact on recruiting roles within healthcare and life sciences in Spain. LinkedIn has been our most utilised social media channel. We have noticeably increased the use of this tool versus traditional procedures.

If you’re looking for new opportunities or need top talent for your organisation, get in touch to find out more about our healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Spain.

Healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Spain – 2013 in review