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Switzerland market update (2013)


Skills in demand

Biotech companies are definitely recruiting the most, not only in research but also in market access. Medical devices companies are also doing well in Switzerland, focusing more and more on innovations. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals and research and development are having a very quiet period.

The key to securing one of the most sought after roles is experience – candidates need a solid background in their chosen field. International exposure (ideally in Asia and the US as well as Europe), highly developed soft skills (particularly communication) and strong language skills are also highly prized.

The roles in demand are:

  • Regulatory affairs (with a specific country focus, like Swissmedic)
  • EMEA sales managers
  • Drug safety professionals
  • Product managers
  • Pricing and reimbursement professionals

Growth in healthcare and life sciences in Switzerland

Life sciences and healthcare recruitment in Switzerland is still client driven, even if there is a shortage of candidates for specific positions.

The market experienced a really quiet first quarter in 2013 in terms of new openings, but since the end of the second quarter, we’ve seen an increase. Also, the closing of Merck Serono in Geneva gave a bad signal to the Swiss market and professionals searched actively throughout Romandie, meaning we kept a good volume of applications.

Social media is having a considerable impact on the market and the way that we do business; LinkedIn is now part of the recruitment landscape. Although it often does help with the search process, people update and change their skills and experience simply to raise their profiles in searches and they might not be the candidates that are in demand.

Difficulties for candidates within healthcare and life sciences in Switzerland

The hot topic in Switzerland is the difficulty for candidates to get out of their area of skills. Even though unemployment is very low here, companies are more and more selective due to the fact that all of Europe applies for jobs in Switzerland. So, candidates have an increased interest in how companies can develop them and expose them to different skills areas.

If you’re looking for new opportunities or need top talent for your organisation, get in touch to find out more about our healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Switzerland.

Healthcare and life sciences recruitment in Switzerland – 2013 in review