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Who we are: 

Michael Page Healthcare & Life Sciences was launched in India in 2012. We work closely with other offices in the PageGroup network, particularly Singapore – where many companies in the Asia Pacific region have their headquarters.

We have been recruiting sales managers and product managers as our staple but have now expanded our capabilities and are focused on the technical field as well. Across both our offices, we have started doing regulatory affairs, quality and medical advisor roles. Alere Medical is our biggest client in India and we have recruited top talent for them across multiple functions.

The healthcare and life sciences market is growing rapidly in India. Though still at an early stage, we are finding a lot of businesses looking to enter the country.

Placement track record

  • Business head – diagnostics – Gurgaon
  • National sales manager – pharmaceuticals – Mumbai
  • Corporate QA manager – pharmaceuticals – Gurgaon
  • Product manager – medical devices – Gurgaon