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Who we are: 

Michael Page Healthcare & Life Sciences was launched in April 2012 in Japan when we established an expert team of consultants, who work in close collaboration with the Singapore office. We recruit a wide variety of roles, all contract types and all levels but we are particularly focused on:

  • Clinical development
  • Medical affairs
  • Medical doctors
  • Marketing and sales for pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Japan remains a very conservative market and it is very rare for foreign nationals to be successful in securing a job in the field of life sciences and healthcare in Japan unless they are fluent in Japanese. It is essential that candidates realise that less than 10% of the educated workforce speaks English. The positive side to this is that if you bring strong language skills and professional competence, you will be attractive to employers and can expect to receive multiple job offers.

Placement track record

  • Medical doctor (medical affairs) – US Rx pharmaceuticals manufacturer – Tokyo
  • Medical affairs manager – US Rx pharmaceuticals manufacturer – Tokyo
  • Clinical project manager – European Rx pharmaceuticals manufacturer – Tokyo
  • Business development manager – US CRO – Tokyo